Get the message out - Strong, Loud and Clear with LRAD 360X


The LRAD 360X™ broadcasts powerful emergency/warning siren sounds, multi-language messages and a near infinite variety of wildlife tones and predator calls. Unlike the directional LRAD® systems, the new LRAD 360X™ broadcasts in a 360° pattern over distances up to 3200 metres, providing a coverage area of 25 square kilometres at 80dBA minimum.

The LRAD 360X™ is modular enabling customization of the system to fit individual mass notification systems and wildlife protection requirements.

  • Full ruggedized construction
  • Field upgradeable for added sound coverage
  • Flexible power options including battery backup, generator backup & solar
  • Optional TCP/IP network control interface provides centralized control for multiple devices

Number of Dishes

Power Consumption (Watts)
SPL @ 1 metre (dBA)
Range @ 80dB (metres)
Coverage @ 80dB min.(square kms)

Mechanical Dimensions
864 W x 724 mm H
(34” W x 28.5” H).
Each additional dish adds
305 mm (12”) in height
50 kg (110 lbs) with one dish.
Each additional dish adds 20 kg (45 lbs).
A ten-stack weighs 234 kg (515 lbs)
Injection moulded impact resistant plastic; 6061 Aluminium

 1           2          4             8            10

320     640     1280     2560     3200
129     135      141        147       149
282     562     1122     2239     2818
0.25    0.99    3.96     15.75    24.95

anigif360x white

The LRAD® Streamer Kit
The LRAD® Streamer allows remote communication on demand to any LRAD® system equipped with a Streamer Module. The LRAD® Streamer software allows the user to remotely operate a single LRAD® device or multiple LRAD® devices simultaneously. The Streamer Module connects to a TCP/IP network with DHCP or fixed IP address and the included software allows pre-recorded file playback, live mic playback, volume control and operation of high frequency alter tone from a networked Windows XP, Vista or Windows 3 PC system. The LRAD® Streamer software works with any microphone connected to the PC’s standard microphone input and replaces the existing LRAD® MP3 Control Module. One LRAD® Streamer per LRAD® system is required to stream to multiple devices at once.